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The online casinos are continually coming up with new ideas designed to keep the punter at the tables for longer periods of time. One such innovation is the mesmeric virtual football. The addictiveness of this type of game cannot be under-estimated as there is a never-ending supply of games to bet on 24-hours per day, seven days a week and 52 weeks of the year.

If an online casino offers virtual football then you will often have a wide variety of different forms to choose from. Each form will inherently be the same game but disguised in a different skin. So you can choose to play in the English Premier League, the Italian Serie A, the Spanish La Liga or even your own World Cup.

The bets are all fixed odds and you can select a wide variety of different bets ranging from betting on the result and correct score. Some online casinos even go as far as to offer special bets such as the advent of a penalty shoot out or whether or not a goal will be scored in injury time.

As it is a virtual game all of the results are created by the online casinos random number cruncher. To make sure Leighton Orient are not hammering Man Utd 8-0, each week, the designers have ensured that the stronger teams have a greater chance of winning and even home sides have an advantage that is reflected in the betting prices.

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Virtual Racing